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This site web is for the Fratto's  Families in the world or who has personal contacts or of friendship with them.

it is a simple idea to speak of our experiences, of the experiences of our parents, of the life of our grandparent, of the life of our encore grandparent, of the life...


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This site web is for the Fratto's Families in the world or who has personal contacts or of friendship with them.

HI,the project looks for collaborators. Send we an Email.


02/07/2008 10:35

Visitors notice

You visit, You read, You write the your FRATTO's families stories: we will publish here.   small or great histories, it is not important.   it is important that you tell the life
02/07/2008 10:34

Fratto's Website is launched

Our new website, Fratto' stories has been launched today. Stories of life of the Fratto families in the world, anywhere!


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Fratto\'s stories from Italy

03/07/2008 10:12

My story from ...Turin

(if I will have the possibility, I will make to translate this story in English).   Quando nacque mio padre, Giuseppe Fratto, era il 1924 e L’Italia era in quel periodo particolare tra le due guerre mondiali nel quale l’Europa, mai e poi mai, pensava di vedere un altro conflitto globale...

Fratto\'s stories from USA

11/07/2008 17:27

Your stories from...Atlanta, GA USA

Franco, First of all, thanks for taking the time to set up the web site for the Fratto's.   I've been interested in making connections back to Italy but nothing has inspired me more than your web page and e-mail. Attached is a file from my cousin Marlene. Her mother was my father's...
11/07/2008 17:22

To Bruce Fratto

    Hi Bruce: Well, first off congratulations with your new addition. The baby is beautiful. Eileen showed me his picture before I left for Florida. I'm looking forward to seeing him and your meeting lovely wife. It sounds to me like you have a pretty wonderful thing going with your...


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